Messages from our leaders


His Holiness Jayapataka Swami

“This is like a dream come true.”
“It was Prabhupada’s desire that devotees get trained in the pancaratrika system here in Mayapur.”
“There is not another school anywhere in the world that teaches all aspects of deity worship on this scale.”


His Holiness Jayadvaita Swami

“Devotees should be pure hearted and enthusiastic but also know what they are doing.”


Hari Sauri Prabhu

“Prabhupada wanted a unified standard of deity worship in ISKCON and he wanted devotees to come to Mayapur to be trained.”

Jananivasa Prabhu

“This is a nice facility and opportunity to train pujaris as Srila Prabhupada wanted and thus the whole world can be benefited.”


Testimonials from our students

Ramacandra Kaviraja das

Ramachandra Kaviraja das

Alachua, Florida USA

“I came to Mayapur to become a temple pujari, but I did not know that there was a course that actually taught that. I was excited to hear of the Mayapur Academy and enrolled immediately. Jananivasa Prabhu was extremely merciful in encouraging me to take the course.”

Rasarani Priya dd

Rasarani Priya dasi

Mayapur, India

“I have always wanted to be a pujari, but I did know how that was possible. Then I heard about this course the day it was due to start and I told my mother that I had to do it. I am so glad that I enrolled as the course has been wonderful.”

Rucira Rudanti dd

Rucira Rudanti dasi

Ghana, West Africa

“I particularly enjoyed the deity worship course. It has given me the opportunity to learn and upgrade my skills and knowledge of the deity worship process. I am hoping this will with help with my puja standard back at our temple back in Accra.”

Caitanya Cintamani dd

Caitanya Cintamani devi dasi

Mayapur, India

“My mother told me of the course some time ago and I really wanted to do it. I have really enjoyed the course and I have began to practically apply skills I have learned at home.”

Shyamsundara Ananda das

Shyamasundarananda das

Mayapur, India

“I appreciated the course very much. I have been living in Mayapur for 22 years and I never had a chance to learn all this nice cooking and deity worship. The course is very practical. I think everyone should take the opportunity to attend this course.”


Shyamango das

Mayapur, India

“The course has a very wonderful teaching system that I have never experienced before.”

Anuradha Kesavi dd

Anuradha Kesavi dasi

Atlanta, USA

“Every tiny bit, every moment is so much fun, from staying late to finishing sewing to hearing the wonderful realizations of Jananivasa Prabhu. In this course you not only learn so many wonderful things, but also get so much opportunity to do seva in Mayapur dham. I am fortunate to be here learning how to serve Krishna under the guidance of all the wonderful Mayapur bhasis.”

Saci Kumar das-1

Saci Kumar Das

South Africa

“Before the course began, I was expecting it to deal exclusively with the worship of the deity and different elements directly related to deity worship. However I was surprised to see that it’s actually aimed at developing all aspects of brahminical life. Particularly inspiring was the aspect of the cultivation of community through brahminical activity which is a much needed function in our ISKCON communities worldwide. Also striking was to get a glimpse into the vastness of brahminical culture. For me the highlight of the Mayapur Academy is the wonderful association we receive daily of Jananivasa and Pankajanghri Prabhus. They have selflessly for so many years served in Sridham Mayapur and to be a recipient of their realizations and experience is very powerful.”

Gitamrta dd

Gitamrta dasi

Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Deity worship isn’t cheap and it’s truly uplifting, but it has to be done properly to please Krishna. That’s why I’m doing the course and it has been really enthusing and effective.”

Kavi Karnapura das

Kavi Karnapura das

Lagos, Nigeria

“Wonderful! How wonderful the Mayapur Academy is cannot be expressed in words. You just have to come and experience it for yourself. Allowing devotees to learn from the most advanced and experienced pujaris in ISKCON. It is also wonderful as I am now fulfilling the order of my spiritual master to learn puja.”


Bharata das

Ljubljana, Slovenia

“I feel I benefited a lot. We did a yajna for Nrsimha caturdasi. We had 9 brahmanas and 2 boys reciting purusa sukta and other Nrsimha mantras. It was very nice. We are also preparing to start putting turbans on Panca Tattva, which I liked a lot in Mayapur, so far we where only used crowns and some kind of heats imitating turbans. While doing puja I also feel I am more connected with Gaura Nitai, I got some new insights by hearing in the academy from you speakers. Do you remember that you gave me lecture of Srila Prabhupada from deity installation where He starts to cry, when he says that:” I am most fallen, rotten, but Krishna please accept my offering.” I got a lot of inspiration from this lecture. I was asked to speak about deity worship in bhakti school. So I did twice. Once for beginners and once for devotees preparing for 2nd initiation, to the second group I played this last part of the lecture, because I was speaking about attitude of pujari. Some of them were crying, they were all very touched.”