Wish List

If you would like to help out with a donation, either in cash or by donating an item, we have compiled a list below of the more important things that are required keep Mayapur Academy running smoothly. If you are interested, please fill out the form at the end of this page.

Belkin power strips
For use in the office, library and classrooms, we require a few additional Belkin Advanced Series 8 Socket Surge Protectors.
Price in India: ₹3,000

Book shelves
Our ever expanding library needs more shelves to accommodate books donated by the ISKCON community.

Newly published, or older books in good condition. If you would like to donate them to the Library, we would be very happy to accept your gift. We also regularly have requests for specific books if you want some ideas.

Computer desks
We have a few computers for public use in the library. It would be nice to have some decent desks to improve the experience of our visitors.

Copper yajña kunda

Electrical outlets
We badly need to replace the existing electrical outlets with better a quality, reliable alternative.

Gas oven
For our Cooking Unit, a simple gas oven would enable students to be taught a wider variety of items to offer to the Lord.

iPad mounts
We have a few iPads for use in the Library. What we really need are some sturdy, secure mounts to protect the iPads from damage and theft.

iPads for teachers
For access to student database and as a teaching tool.

Jewelry and mukuts
For the Dressing Unit we need to replace much of the exisiting jewelery and mukut pieces. We also need to find a better storage option – maybe some nice cabinets with plenty of shelves for the jewelery trays.

Online UPS
To solve our power supply problems and protect our valuable electronic equipment, we need to install an online ups. This is a top priority for us. We are looking to get a 5kVa online ups with 15-20 minutes of battery time.
Price in India: ₹82,000

Pressure cookers
For the Cooking Unit we need a few larger pressure cookers. We currently have only 2 liter cookers.
Price in India: 12 liter ₹2,500, 7 liter ₹2,000

For use in the library and general administration. We currently have a Brother MFC which is ideal for our needs. Unfortunately, due to power supply problems, the machine is in urgent need of repair. It would be more cost effective to purchase a new machine, with onsite warranty than repair the current one.
Price in India: ₹15,000

In our main classroom, we use projection for presenting course materials. We are looking to purchase an Epson EB-475WI for this purpose.
Price in India:₹25,000 to ₹30,000.

Repair Dressing Unit deities
Some of the deities we use for the Dressing Unit need minor repairs for chipped fingers, they need to be repainted, etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice to go visiting temples in Vrndavana with Jananivāsa Prabhu?

Roof cooling
The roof of Mayapur Academy is a simple concrete slab. In the summer months this heats up to unbearable temperatures, making study in the library and classrooms almost impossible. We need to find some light-weight solution to keep the roof cool.

Security camera
Unfortunately, books and other items regularly disappear for Mayapur Academy. A surveillance kit with a couple of cameras would go a long way to deterring theft.
Price in India: 4 camera ₹13,000, 2 camera ₹10,000

Serving paraphernalia
Once the students have cooked up a feast and offered it to the Lord, we need to serve it to the devotees. We urgently require some good quality buckets and other serving paraphernalia to do this.

Mayapur Academy is always looking for additional space for classroom facilities, storage and general use. We would like to enlarge the cooking classroom, but would have to relocate another departments storage area to do so. We would also like to develop an area on the roof for Saṁskāras and Festival Units.

Stable Internet connection
Over the years we have tried different connection types, but have still not found a reliable fast connection.

All of our classrooms, office and library have air vents in the upper wall. We want to remove these and plaster over the area. This will help keep out insects, bats and geckos.

If you would like to help out with any of the items we have listed, or if you have any suggestions, please fill out your details below and we will get back to you.